WBF social

West Byfleet 3rd Birthday Party!

What a wonderful night we all had a West Byfleet Show Choir Party on 3rd May! It was brilliant fun, with Show Choir members new and old (whoops, less of the old - I mean long-term!!), chatting, singing, dancing and generally enjoying themselves at the lovely Hoebridge Golf Club - the food was delicious too! 

I love Show Choir socials, it’s so lovely to have the time to get to know everybody outside choir! Of course, we had a Musical Theatre quiz (thanks Jeff), and the evening ended on the dance floor with a plethora of show songs (can you believe it!), and ending with ‘So Long, Farewell’ from the Sound of Music! 

A massive thanks to social secretaries Sue, Wendy and Maria, who decorated our party room so beautifully, and the photos of West Byfleet Show Choir around the room brought back many a  sweet memory! Maria’s cake was a triumph! Looking forward to the next one!!


Banstead May Queen

Our first performance after Easter was The Banstead May Queen Event and Parade. We’ve never marched in the Parade before, so we didn’t know what to expect (although some of our ladies expected it to be a bit cold and sensibly wore their thermals underneath the Show Choir Hoodie!!) It was great, and so busy, so we decided to sing a couple of our songs as we marched along, Oom Pah Pah was fun, and it was certainly interesting trying to do the actions as you’re walking along! We sung ‘Tomorrow’ and the sun did come out, but the best one was ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ and it didn’t rain, so it worked…. well, not until later!!

 We had a couple of hours before we met again to ready ourselves for the performance! Pizzas were eaten, coffee was drunk (dogs were walked!), and we all gathered outside the church for a warm-up - and we did need one, literally, as it was a bit chilly! Then, the rains came and we had to abandon our warm-up and huddle under a tree. 

 ‘I thought the sun always shone on Show Choir!’, someone said to me, ‘Wait until we get on that stage to perform - you’ll need sunglasses’ was my confident retort - I was hoping my confidence was justified as although you lovely singers would be undercover, but I wasn’t! 

 Well, I was right - the sun did come out and Show Choir singers did us proud, singing with gusto! In fact, there was so much enthusiasm that the whole stage shook when we were singing ‘All That Jazz’ - it was hilarious!! I also had a lady rushing up to me saying how fabulous you all we’re and how you had made our day!! The compere loved us too, so well sung everybody - it was a really good afternoon - and there’ll be lots more summer singing fun to be had all over Surrey this summer!